Красивые интерьеры: дизайнерские комнаты в «W Hotel & Residences»
«W Hotel & Residences» is a 57-story high building located right in the center of New York and was built by Gwathmey Siegel Architects, design of interiors was done by GRAFT studio. Retro futurism is incorporated in the design of the rooms. At some points it seems that you entered a spaceship and is about to travel to far away planets…Designers at GRAFT studio did their job well, the atmosphere is excellent. It certainly worth it to stay at least for a night at «W Hotel & Residences» just for the sake of interiors when visiting New York. Read more »

Дизайн кухни. Идея с рекой в кухонном столе
Good and courageous imagination of interior designers creates a wide variety of ideas, especially when they do something for themselves; in this case it is a design of the kitchen. This kitchen is quite ordinary, but the idea to run a «river» through the kitchen table, having to cut a granite counter-top, moreover to illuminate it, admires even the most tempted judges of interiors. This kitchen is worthy of attention, it is clear that there has been put in a lot of work and effort by the designer and the technologist, and the result has turned out to be quite astonishing. Furthermore let’s take a closer look at more pictures of this kitchen. Read more »

Rafinad (»Lump sugar») is a given name for this apartment. Minimalism and laconicity were combined in this design. It is a one-bedroom apartment, but it is so cozy that it is easy to forget about the limited space, the design has turned out excellent. The apartment was designed for a young and vigorous couple that spends time at home just to relax.
Красивый дизайн однокомнатной квартиры
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Фото идеи для дизайна интерьера маленьких комнат

If you are working only on one room, take a look at these interiors. Some ideas will help you with your choices. Read more »

Design studio Messana O’Rorke Architects developed a wonderful interior and design for this one-bedroom apartment in New York City. Actually, this apartment is very small but the talent of the designers created a spacious cozy environment perfect practically for every person to live in.

интерьер и дизайн маленькой однокомнатной квартиры
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