apartments in London

apartments in London

Check out this apartment makeover in London done by Crawford Partnership. Beautiful combination of a modern architecture theme built into an old apartment complex. Interior design is done in a modest, conservative fashion as all the details of it as well as furniture selection, kitchen cabinets, stairway design, etc. is aimed at the most efficient use of space. Rooms are very spacious and well illuminated. Read more »

Дизайны домов: красивый маленький дом в Амстердаме
This eye catching compact residence is located on a small lot in Amsterdam. The design is created in such a manner that the house looks as the homogeneous monolithic form. Simplicity and minimalism gives it a conservative modest look. The outside walls of the house are decorated with an original ornamental siding. Read more »

Дома будущего: интерьер в стиле hi tech (хайтек)
LAVA Studio (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) has developed an interior of a hotel room that looks more like an inside of a spaceship rather than a room. Designers created this space with a basic idea of the interaction between high technologies and human body. A combination of free cosmic forms with soft and rigid materials provide interrelation between functional spaces. Trying to create a quiet but super-modern design, the designers of LAVA have incorporated all life necessities into a system of a continuous wall. Read more »

Красивые интерьеры: дизайнерские комнаты в «W Hotel & Residences»
«W Hotel & Residences» is a 57-story high building located right in the center of New York and was built by Gwathmey Siegel Architects, design of interiors was done by GRAFT studio. Retro futurism is incorporated in the design of the rooms. At some points it seems that you entered a spaceship and is about to travel to far away planets…Designers at GRAFT studio did their job well, the atmosphere is excellent. It certainly worth it to stay at least for a night at «W Hotel & Residences» just for the sake of interiors when visiting New York. Read more »

Современная архитектура: дома будущего

Today we will consider the daring ideas of design in the architecture, embodied both in modern residence houses, and commercial buildings. Commercial buildings designs have become very popular among both interior designers and architects as it attracts more capital and has a better pay off for design services. It also creates a lot of interest as it is a part of brand identity development. Designers and architects of these creations are absolutely different, but one is obvious – they are united by an unrestrained aspiration to put the most courageous design ideas of modern architecture to life. Let’s take a look at the following pictures and admire. Read more »