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Люстры и светильники от дизайнера Lucie Koldov? Lights “Orbital light”. Everything is very simple and ingenious. LED diodes are used on the internal circular side of the frame. This design has been developed for spacious interiors and halls. Read more »

Дизайн кухни. Идея с рекой в кухонном столе
Good and courageous imagination of interior designers creates a wide variety of ideas, especially when they do something for themselves; in this case it is a design of the kitchen. This kitchen is quite ordinary, but the idea to run a «river» through the kitchen table, having to cut a granite counter-top, moreover to illuminate it, admires even the most tempted judges of interiors. This kitchen is worthy of attention, it is clear that there has been put in a lot of work and effort by the designer and the technologist, and the result has turned out to be quite astonishing. Furthermore let’s take a closer look at more pictures of this kitchen. Read more »

Светильники в декоре интерьера, люстры
Светильники в декоре интерьера, люстры
This is a fantastic collection of lights presented by a Dutch studio of design, Refer+Staer.Such lights underline light reflection in sparkling drops of crystals and add shine and refinement to an interior. Read more »