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Дома будущего: интерьер в стиле hi tech (хайтек)
LAVA Studio (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) has developed an interior of a hotel room that looks more like an inside of a spaceship rather than a room. Designers created this space with a basic idea of the interaction between high technologies and human body. A combination of free cosmic forms with soft and rigid materials provide interrelation between functional spaces. Trying to create a quiet but super-modern design, the designers of LAVA have incorporated all life necessities into a system of a continuous wall. Read more »

Фото Дизайн интерьера однокомнатной квартиры                                                                 Let’s transfer to romantic Paris to see an extraordinary example of modern elegancy and functionality embodied in a small space. This is a very small one-bedroom apartment with an area of 17 squared meters which is located right in the center of Paris. The apartment turned out to be very cozy and in some sense comic, just by looking at the carpet with an image of a classic game right by the entrance door makes you want to giggle. Read more »

Rafinad (»Lump sugar») is a given name for this apartment. Minimalism and laconicity were combined in this design. It is a one-bedroom apartment, but it is so cozy that it is easy to forget about the limited space, the design has turned out excellent. The apartment was designed for a young and vigorous couple that spends time at home just to relax.
Красивый дизайн однокомнатной квартиры
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Фото идеи для дизайна интерьера маленьких комнат

If you are working only on one room, take a look at these interiors. Some ideas will help you with your choices. Read more »

Design studio Messana O’Rorke Architects developed a wonderful interior and design for this one-bedroom apartment in New York City. Actually, this apartment is very small but the talent of the designers created a spacious cozy environment perfect practically for every person to live in.

интерьер и дизайн маленькой однокомнатной квартиры
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