event planing intenrship

We specialize in planning and design spaces for special events such as weddings, corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows, etc. Our studio works closely with our clients and meets their needs and expectation


Our team is a group of creative artists as well as business people whoa re very customer oriented and always innovative. We have a couple of projects right now that we are working on and need a dedicated intern.


  • Work closely with clients and help improve their experience with us
  • Create spaces to reflect customer needs
  • Build team relationships
  • Support management activities
  • Respond to inquiries and follow up with past clients
  • Search for cost effective materials and design elements
  • Manage projects


  • Experience or prior education
  • Design Software (we use AutoCAD, Photoshop, Flash, etc)
  • Proficient with computer
  • Excellent communication skills

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